The comprehensive governance solution


Administrators upload cases into CG to score. The system calculates the percentage of cases to be scored for each clinician, depending on their status.


Cases are scored and clinician statuses are set to reflect their professional performance. Governance teams can review cases as a group and leave feedback.


Clinicians receive feedback on case performance and can respond to governance review. The messaging system for governance and clinicians allows for clarity and learning.


Reports can be created to assess how well your organisation and individual clincians are operating. Standardised reports can be downloaded as PDF or Excel documents.

Key Features at a glance

  • Fulfils government requirement for auditing.

  • Clinician status system displays performance and risk.

  • A higher % of cases are sent to audit for higher risk clinicians.

  • Clinicians cases can be anonymised to allow for more impartial scoring.

  • Auditors can leave feedback for clinicians when they score a case.

  • Cases can be reviewed by a group.

  • Reviewers can look at clinician cases and performance to adjust status.

  • Messaging between governance and clinicians allows for feedback and clarification.

  • Custom specialist audits can be run.

  • Reporting functions show the performance of the organisation and individuals.

  • Clinicians can discuss cases with fellow clinicians in the provider.

  • Clinicians can submit their own cases for review allowing for support and development.

  • Notifications to help user workflow.

  • Cases and reports can be downloaded.

Educational Guardian

Our new tool Educational Guardian has been designed to help train GPSTs. It tracks GPST OOH hours completed and their progress. The app groups GPST cases into sessions and allows for Clinical and Educational Supervisor session commenting.

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