Pricing for your size of Organisation

Clinical Guardian Pricing

Free trial period for 3 months

Set up Costs:
Set up costs are capped at £5,995 (plus VAT) and this is payable on service commencement. The set up fee will be used as a contribution to your first year Licence Fee if you continue with the service after the free trial period.

Licence Fee:
3 pence per patient (plus VAT) per annum.
For use of Clinical Guardian to undertake clinical audit of patient care provided within your organisations service area (based on the population served).

Payment of Fees:
By Direct Debit on a yearly, quarterly or monthly basis depending on organisations preference.

Clinical Guardian
by the numbers

9,045,000 patients served

4,900 clinicians on the Clinical Guardian database

2,000,000+ cases uploaded
since 2010

240,000 cases audited

21,000 cases group reviewed

68,000 cases commented on

Clinical Guardian's systematic approach to the governance process and our flexible pricing structure helps OOH service providers meet their audit requirements in a cost effective way.

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